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Japan, Yamagata, Zao Kokusai HotelJapan, Yamagata, Zao Kokusai Hotel

Zao Kokusai Hotel

933, Zao-Onsen, Yamagata-shi, 990-2301, Yamagata-ken

Night2Stay offers you this comfortable property. Have a look at its description and services to make the right choice. Enjoy a range of experiences amidst the grand scenery surrounding Zao Kokusai Hotel. Zao Onsen Ski Resort is famous for its soft rime, 'Jyuhyo' rarely seen in nature. Visit Zao and experience all it has to offer throughout each season, including skiing and snowboarding during winter. Nestled between the cluster volcanoes of Mount Kattadake, Mount Kumanodake and Mount Goshikidake is Okama Crater Lake, named so for its resemblance to a pot or kettle (known as 'okama' in Japanese). The temperature of the water 10 metres beneath the surface can drop to just 2 degrees celcius, but deeper down, the temperature of the water layer increases, creating an unusual phenomenon unseen in other lakes. An absolute must-see on any itinerary. At the reception desk, guests who require ski lift tickets can purchase them at discount prices. Get ready in the locker-equipped drying room, then head to the slopes waiting right in front of you! Zao Onsen Ski Resort is among 6 mountain peaks. With access via 3 cable cars, you can explore all areas of the huge ski fields! Soft rime is a condition that occurs when super-cool water droplets descend from fog and attach to objects such as trees, creating frozen layers of fragile white ice. They start to form in weak windy conditions and temperatures of -5°C or below, and transform into larger, more elaborate shapes that bend in the direction of the stronger wind. Zao is famous for its soft rime-covered trees which take on beautiful, but menacing forms of 'snow monsters' stalking the mountains. They are a big attraction for tourists during the ski season. Feel the pleasant sensation of the indoor wooden bath as you stretch out in comfort, or the fresh air of the outdoor bath. The mountain vista and greenery reflected in the blue skies appears before you as you emerge from the healing waters, creating a sense of indulgence and luxury. * People with tattoos may not use the bath or the bathing area. Our food presents the best of Yamagata's seasonal flavours; we serve hot dishes while hot, and chilled dishes that retain their coldness. Dining options are changeable according to the wishes of our frequent guests. Please inquire when making a reservation. * Please no outside food and drinks. From the luxurious Japanese-style rooms to the spacious western-style rooms equipped with spacious beds, we have a room to suit each guest's needs. To maintain our guests' privacy and relaxation, we refrain from entering rooms at all times. For further information, please contact reception at any time. Check-in/check-out 14:00~/~10:00

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