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Italy, Ancona, Hotel EmiliaItaly, Ancona, Hotel Emilia

Hotel Emilia


Night2Stay offers you this comfortable property. Have a look at its description and services to make the right choice. The Hotel Emilia, a white sculpture suspended between the sky and the sea, welcomes you with the amazement of a unique view of the cliff overlooking the crystal clear water of the Bay of Portonovo inside the Regional Park of Monte Cònero. From the well-kept garden with deckchairs and a pine forest that climbs to the top and gently descends to the white pebble beaches, you will breathe the scent of the sea, the broom bushes, the lavender and acacia in full bloom. Fruit of a long family history, born in 1964 with grandmother Emilia from which the Hotel takes its name, you will still find a testimony of past traditions and affections that Raffaella and Michele love to share with their guests.

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